Chemical Resine is a firm specialized in the production of polyurethanes flexible foam . It has innovated its production through the new tecnology “CarDio“ which is a systm of new generation for the production of polyurethanes flexible foam.

This innovation, developed by the Cannon -Viking Ltd. , allows the continuous production, introducing the blowing agent CO2 ( liquid carbon dioxide) in conditions of higt pressure.

Unlike the traditional technologies, the use of this substance which is much available in nature , allows to avoid the use of expanders that are harmful for the environment like : CFC ( clorofluoro-carburi) and VOC ( volatile organic compounds ) , and it allows to reduce the needed quantity of isocyanate for the process of reaction lowering the exothermic energy ( maximum temperature reached) and reducing in turn the risks of spontaneously combust .

The performances of  “CarDio” technology make it possible a better distribution of the physical and mechanical properties in each part of the block, allowing to extend the production up to reach very low degrees of density and the realization of very soft foams with reduced values of lift .